Q: How do I get to the Retro BnB by public transport?

A: Retropoint is very friendly place to reach when you arrived Bandung Flower City. From airport there are several alternatives, but the most convenient one is by taxi. Airport taxi surely charge higer fee, so if you want to save half your money just find outside taxi, it takes 10 minutes walk to Jalan Padjadjaran. Here you can find other public transport called “Angkot”. Choose one that go to ST.Hall, it just cost you around IDR 4000. If you come to Bandung by train, it just 10 minutes walk to Retropoint. Or you can ride local manpower transportation called “Becak” cost IDR 5000. So which one you prefer?it's your call

Q: How close is the hotel from nearby attractions, parks, and shopping?

A: Retropoint location is very suitable for those who looking for city life but stay in the silent place. By walk less than 10 minutes you can find culinary around, such as Paskal Hypersquare Foodhall, Cibadak street food, Gardujati streetfood, Pasirkaliki streetfood, Chinese food, Sundanese food, even Indian food. Or you can indulge yourself to have a spa, just for 10 minutes walk. There are Pasar Baru Mall that provides many types of moeslem dress and textile. Retropoint also very close from International Santosa hospital, just 3 minutes walk. It is very easy to go anywhere you like because Retropoint located at center of Bandung, so it will not waste your time to enjoy Bandung

Q: How can I make the reservation?

A: You can make reservation by website or call our front office at 022-4266006

Q: What time is check-in/check out?

A: Check-in at 14.00 and check-out at 12.00

Q: Can I store my luggage?

A: Yes, the reception will happily to take care of your luggage no more than 6 hours

Q: How many rooms can be booked at once?

A: Booking more than 2 rooms, Retropoint will ask you to pay in advance

Q: Which online payment methods do you offer?

A: Retropoint have not provided online payment method yet. Retropoint uses Bank transfer for those who need to pay in advance

Q: How do I make changes to my room reservation?

A: You can call our front office at 022-4266006

Q: Can I connect to the Internet from my room?

A: Yes, Retropoint area powered by Wi-Fi, so you can online in all Retropoint area

Q: Do I charged extra if change the date?

A: No, unless you booked more than 2 rooms

Q: Do you offer smoking/non-smoking rooms?

A: All of Retropoint rooms are non smoking room

Q: How many people can stay in one room?

A: Max 2 people

Q: What should I do, if I lost or forgot something in my room?

A: Our staff will happily keep it in lost and found box

Q: Do you have a pet policy?

A: Not pet allowed

Q: When the breakfast take place?

A: at 07.00-10.00 a.m

Q: Where is breakfast served?

A: At the lobby


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